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Zen37 LLC

Zen37 LLC is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), offering cyber security solutions and monitoring.Founded in early 2016, our mission is to provide services that reduce complexity and cost while increasing security and risk visibility.Headquartered out of Dallas, TX, Zen37 has quickly expanded to offices in Asia in 2017 and plans to extend to South America by early 2018.Founded by Guerin Moorman, our vision is to help organizations gain a little 'Zen' in their approach to Cyber Security. Our aim is to take our customers from '0 to Zen...' by offering advanced cyber security solutions and monitoring.

Guerin Moorman


Guerin Moorman is responsible for leading the team at Zen37 LLC. Before launching Zen37 LLC, Mr. Moorman assisted in Red Team Penetration Testing for the USAF, was a security consultant for the AAFES, managed IT Projects for DHS and TSA, and served as an information security manager in the energy sector.

Mr. Moorman graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Information Technology from Capella University and has taught and been a guest speaker at various colleges.

Mr. Moorman is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and AlienVault Certified Systems Engineer.

What We Do

Zen37 LLC provides advanced Managed Security Solutions, coupled with Cyber Security monitoring. Our Security-as-a-Service offering provides organizations a comprehensive solution to reduce cyber complexity and cost, with the technology to meet today's cyber security threats.

Managed Security Services & Monitoring

Zen37 provides a Unified Security Management framework that integrates Asset Management, Logging, Security Incident and Event Monitoring, Behavioral Analysis, Threat Intelligence and more! Through event correlation, alarming, and reporting, Zen37 provides the cyber intelligence you need to identify and mitigate today's cyber threats.

Advanced End-Point Protection

For the end-point, we offer Next-Generation anti-malware detection and prevention. Our solution utilizes Artificial Intelligence - as opposed to signatures - to stop malware in its tracks. Our Next-Generation anti-malware solution stops malicious code pre-execution, identifies and stops malware hiding in memory, as well as prevents malicious scripts from running. This solution can be completely monitored by Zen37 or your security team.

Firewall as a Service

The next wave of Firewall-as-a-Service is here. For select clients, we offer a managed Firewall and security cloud solution. By moving the firewall to the cloud, organizations can cut costs and complexity saving thousands of dollars in firewall upgrades, architecture, and administration. Firewall-as-a-Service includes management and monitoring services.

Vulnerability Management

Zen37 also offers an advanced Vulnerability Management platform. Managing and prioritizing vulnerabilities in the enterprise can be a time-consuming task. Zen37 provides a vulnerability management framework focused on managing risk rather than merely fixing vulnerabilities. Our methodology saves time and resources; and focuses on what matters the most - mitigation of vulnerabilities that present a risk to the enterprise.