Over 77% of organizations say they are not prepared for a cyber attack.

Companies that turn to managed security services providers experience improved security, regulatory compliance, and a reduction in complexity and cost.

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"Our passion is helping organizations find their 'Zen' in the cyber security space..."

Many organizations are struggling to find their ‘Zen’ in Cyber Security. There are a plethora of solutions and services for companies to choose from in the market today. This can be overpowering and confusing at times.

Trying to maintain cyber operations in-house is just not viable for many organizations. We’ve also found that many larger MSSP offerings are very expensive without the return on investment that is expected.

Our job is to simplify cyber security for organizations by offering effective solutions and monitoring services at a reasonable price. Many organizations need a Cyber Security partner so they can get back to focusing on their core business. This is the need we hope to fill and the purpose of Zen37 LLC.”

For more information on Zen37 and how to protect your organization from cyber-attacks, please contact Zen37 at [email protected] or 888-493-6370.

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