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Over 77% of organizations say they are not prepared for a cyber attack.

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Threat Intelligence

Gain real-time Threat Intelligence into today's cyber security attacks, seamlessly integrated into our security monitoring platform.

Security Monitoring

Our 24x7 cyber security monitoring service monitors your network for signs of intrusions and malware attacks.

Vulnerability Management

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities within your environment before they may be exploited by cyber attackers.

Threat Intelligence

We acquire threat intelligence from over 8000 sources in over 140 countries, analyzing hundreds of thousands of malicious IP’s, domains, and malware samples for Indicators of Compromise.  This Threat Intelligence provides organizations the ability to answer the following:

  • Is my environment exposed to this threat?
  • Is this relevant to my organization?
  • Who is behind this, and what are their motives?
  • What are they targeting in my environment?

Threat Intelligence is included as part of your Cyber Security Monitoring Platform and integrated seamlessly to monitor and alarm on Indicators of Compromise in your network.

Security Monitoring

With Zen37's cyber security monitoring platform, we're able to provide Security-as-a-Service to include all the necessary Security Operations components including:

  • Active and Passive Asset Monitoring to provide full view of authorized and unauthorized assets.
  • Intrusion Detection deployed at corporate and remote sites. 
  • Full Security Incident and Event Management with Alarms and Ticketing.
  • Behavioral Monitoring of traffic, assets, and File Integrity Monitoring.
  • Environmental Checks of critical systems.

Our fully trained staff ensures your network is monitored 24x7 and provides alarms, notification, and remediation information to stop threats fast!

Vulnerability Management

Zen37 provides Vulnerability Management to continuously scan and monitor your critical assets for vulnerabilities including:   

  • On demand, continuous, or scheduled scanning.
  • Unauthenticated and authenticated scanning for more insight into vulnerabilities.
  • Remediation prioritization based on current Threats and Vulnerabilities found in your network.
  • AWS and Azure Vulnerability Scanning.
  • Full reporting to provide insight of remediation efforts.

Zen37 provides Vulnerability Management including ticketing, prioritization, and remediation to provide complete visibility of your security posture.


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