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Get Down To Business

Your time is important – why waste it worrying about painful cyber attacks?  Zen37 delivers a premium Managed Security experience, every time.

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Secure the Human

Prevent employees falling for phishing attacks.  We'll help you deploy a complete Awareness and Training Program.

Secure the Network

Cyber Monitoring, Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability Assessments, - Zen37 provides a complete Security-as-a-Service platform.

Secure the Endpoint

Get protected from the next ransomware attack with Next Generation endpoint protection using Artificial Intelligence. 

Awareness Training

Secure the Human with our complete information security awareness and training program, featuring interactive web-based content, simulated phishing campaigns, and compliance reporting.




What can Managed Security Services do for you...?

Companies that turn to managed security services providers experience improved security, regulatory compliance, and a reduction in cost and complexity.

24 x 7 Monitoring

Defend your network with 24x7 monitoring, logging, and reporting. Our unified cyber operations platform includes Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Management, and full SIEM capabilities provide insight before your company is attacked.




Next Generation Malware Protection

Prevent today's sophisticated malware attacks.  Our Next Generation antivirus utilizes Artificial Intelligence to prevent malicious code pre-execution, fileless malware hiding in memory, and malicious scripts from infecting your systems.  


Is Your Business Ready for the Next Level?

Business is growing. Vendors have access to your data. You hold customer personal information. Your business depends on your data for future growth.

It's time to ensure your organization is protected from Cyber Attacks.

Minimum investment, maximum return.